Internet Services

Internet Solutions Designed for You


Fiber Optic Business Internet

Enjoy one of Canada’s fastest networks.

We are proud to offer Val-d’Or and Rouyn-Noranda a dedicated fiber optic Internet service powered by Telus.


Packages tailored to your needs:

Dedicated fiber optic Internet network
  • 10 Mbps*

  • 30 Mbps*

  • 100 Mbps*

*Megabits per second

Fiber Optic Internet
  • Enjoy greater stability

  • UNLIMITED usage with no added fees

  • Accelerate your data transfers

  • Scalable connection speed upon request

  • Check your online usage statistics

  • Control costs

  • Keep your business running

  • Choose managed services and peace-of-mind



Choose the Ideal Storage Solution

Cloud computing is ideal for offsite data storage. Store your company’s data safely at Telus’ data centres in Canada for anytime, anywhere data access.

Cloud computing benefits:
  The option to rent offsite server space and reduce equipment costs
  Store data offsite
  Ideal for business continuity plans
  Access your servers from anywhere in the world.

Satellite Internet

Enjoy reliable Internet service anywhere, anytime.

Arkys is an authorized Galaxy SkyData distributor.
Do you operate in a remote location?
Do you move frequently in remote locations?
Do you need a fast, reliable and easy-to-use Internet service?

Galaxy Satellite Internet is for you! Access the Web wherever your operations are in the world.

Key features of portable systems:
  • Access to satellite Internet

  • Access to IP telephony

  • Reliable communications powered by the SkyData network

  • Wireless access point included to set up a WIFI network

Choose from several portable product lines tailored to
meet your specific requirements:
Scout :
  • Rugged, portable single box solution

  • Easy, step-by-step installation

  • Ideal for moving frequently in remote locations

  • Suitable for all environments

  • Can easily be transported in a truck box

Sentinel :
  • Portable, auto-deploy model

  • Easy, fast and effective, Sentinel is activated with the simple push of a button

  • Ideally suited for remote sites

  • Can easily be transported in a trailer