Software Development

We develop softwares that adapts to your business reality.


Simple, efficient tools make your work easier, all the while boosting your company's productivity. That is why Arkys gives you tremendous flexibility through customized software that fits your business reality. Unlike public domain software, customized software meets all your needs. Our team specializes in the development of standard software, traditional software and customized web software. It will provide you with the most powerful solution suited to your needs.

Most software applications used by companies cannot communicate with each other. Arkys creates a bridge between systems. It programs software automatisms in order to avoid repetitive data entry or even data entry in several software applications, thus saving you time and money.

Our expertise includes:
  Customized development of new standard software;
  Customized development of standard software;
  Customized development of new web software; and
  Customized development of specific modules for existing software.


Integrated Equipment Management System

SIGO software adapts to your inventory management needs for tools, equipment and rolling devices.

  Rental and reservation control
  Theft and loss prevention
  Proactive management of
repairs, calibrations and updates
  Multi-warehouse management
  Quick identification of tools for
various contracts and uses