IT Consulting

Our Microsoft certified experts are able to assess, advise and implement solutions that fit your communication needs.

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Information technology (IT) is vital to your company's growth. Arkys develops the best solutions to power your company's success. Our Microsoft certified experts can assess, recommend and implement solutions that meet your communication needs. Our goal: boost your company's productivity by reducing your operating costs.
We're attuned to your needs

Arkys uses its customer-centric approach to focus on customer expectations, by identifying customers' emerging needs and enhancing improvement actions that can meet those needs. Arkys prides itself on meeting its customers' needs and expectations through maintenance, activity analysis, investigations and studies.

Easier-to-manage business projects

Arkys optimizes your business processes by improving your management tools with information technology that best suits your needs. Sound project management saves you time and money, without overloading your human resources schedule. Our team will help you make better use of your IT resources in order to make your projects profitable.

The right solutions for your communications

Arkys is very flexible when it comes to its customers. No matter a corporate customer's field of expertise, Arkys can suggest technology-based solutions that are suited to, and appropriate for, its conditions. Our highly adaptive team can design innovative, customized solutions.

Unparalleled computer system security

Arkys knows how important optimal computer system security and stability are. A company's overall health goes hand in hand with the health of its technological infrastructure. Companies are increasingly relying on IT to conduct their business. For most companies, the main IT threats are access to databases, software or virtual infrastructure. Arkys is Entrust SSL certified, meaning it can implement a stable and well-functioning system in a precise and well-organized way so that your company can operate efficiently.

Our IT consulting service includes:
  • Process analysis and optimization;
  • Project management and implementation;
  • IT integration and solutions; and
  • Computer security.

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